Paper Fantasy

We have long been fans of Peter Callesen, the Danish paper magician. It is worth checking out his site if only for the variety of his work. He is known for his performance pieces which investigate fairytale fantasies as well as issues of gender and society. Parallel to his performance work, Peter fabricates wonderful designs from cut paper. Some pieces require only a few cuts, while others reveal painstaking craftsmanship. We love Alive, But Dead (below), with its drooping flowers that emerge from the white ground to hang limply from the page. Petals gather at the bottom of the picture as they fall from their stems.

Broken Bird (below) is part of a larger suite of cut paper story vignettes. For all of the delicate workmanship, the result is surprisingly funny and clever. The work is mounted against a solid color backdrop, each composition more delightful than the last.

It is hard to mention Peter's work without also showing some of the fun design work that Tord Boontje has been doing. His Midsummer Light is one of many delightful light designs that has come from his workbench over the last couple of years. His exhibition at Milan's 2004 Design Week takes the work to another level and reminds us of Petah Coyne's evocative installation work. To see the Milan exhibition, go to the Midsummer Light link and scroll down the page.


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